The Miracles

    Many healing were attributed to Our Lady of Mantara: two booklets were written by bishop of Saida during the years of 1910, mentioning 16 miracles related to children and sterile women. The Lady of Mantara loves little children: most of her miracles are made for them, sometimes she is called “Our Lady of Children”.

Zip until now many children are baptized in the cave. They are then devoted to the Virgin Mary.

Lady of Mantara Please pray for us


Some collection of Our Lady of Mantara’s miracles

    Many noblemen of Saida , the Director of the Ottoman tobacco company , Mr. Joseph Aumann , his wife, the French consular official, a priest, Father Nicolas Halabi and many others , were going on pilgrimage, on Sunday June 11th  1911. In the evening, before getting down, they wanted to salute the Virgin for the last time.

     “ They entered the cave. But , what a miracle, in front of their eyes happy and amazed the image of the good Virgin smiling , she wanted probably to show how much she was satisfied and touched by their devout visit . She kept smiling for ten minutes while the viewers were crying of joy looking at each other surprised and happy.

    Father Nicolas turned towards the French consular and asked him about his opinion. The latter took a candle, lit it then got closer to the Holy Image to make sure if she was really smiling … then, he turned towards the crowd and shouted: I believe! It’s a big miracle!”

     Many other miracles were committed to writing by His Eminence Haggiar, bishop of  Saida’s diocese for Greek Catholics  early in the 20th century .