A Place of Pilgrimage


The crowd of people comming to Our Lady of Mantara

A place of spiritual resources for the Lebanese

    The Sanctuary being rooted in the Holy History has made of Our Lady of Mantara a sanctuary with significant and touching meaning. Lebanese and Western pilgrims come regularly to the Sanctuary to celebrate mass or for meditation.

    All the year round crowds visit our Lady of Mantara.  In fact, in addition to these pilgrims coming from different parts of the world, the sanctuary fulfill the deep spiritual need of Lebanese.

    Christians of the diocese, after many difficult years of war, show their need to intensify their faith and to draw on the sources of hope in this sanctuary located in their diocese.

    Visits to our Lady of Mantara increase constantly, not to forget the periods of the Virgin Mary day, which gather a huge crowd, as well as her Nativity day on September 8th or during spring and summer.

    Dear to the Christians of the region, this Sanctuary is also visited by many Muslims who venerate the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus the Prophet .

The celebration on September the 8th for the nativity of the Virgin Mary