The Sanctuaries’ Path

    In order to celebrate the 2000 jubilee, a Sanctuaries Path was set in the open air in order to celebrate the 2000 Jubilee. 12 statues carved out of stones represent biblical events that took place in Lebanon and mention Lebanon as a Holy Land.

    The objective of the Sanctuaries Path is to make the visitor relive these events so that he feels the holiness of the Lebanese Land, on which stepped the Christ and the Prophets.

    A meditation booklet, published in several languages, accompanies the visitor on his progression and help him think to find the message of each stop and how to apply it in his daily life to respond faithfully to God’s call.

The twelve stops of the Sanctuaries Path of Our Lady of Mantara


1. The Cedars of Lebanon in the temple of Solomon.
(Kings 5: 19-20)
 “You are the true temples of God.”

2. Prophet Elia in Sarepta 
(1 Kings 17,1 : 8-16)

“Faith in the Divine Providence”

3. Prophet Jonathan in Jiyye 
(Jonathan, 1, 2, 3, 1-5)
“ Let’s know how to respond to God’s call”

4. Marriage of Qana 
( John 2, 1-10 )

“ Whatsoever he faith unto you do it “

5. The Christ and the woman of Canaan in Saida
(Mathew 15, 21-28)

“ O woman, great is your faith”.

6. Our Lady of Mantara 
“ The Virgin is always waiting for us “.

7. Jesus in Banias 
(Mathew 16, 13-19)
“ That thou art Peter , and upon this rock I will build my Church” .

8. Transfiguration on Mount Hermon  
( Mathew 17, 1-5)  
" Lord, it's good to remain with you."

9. Saint Tom fishing in Tyr.
(John 14: 5-6)
“Let’s announce like the Apostles the Word of God”

10. Saint Paul in Saida.
(27 :1-3)
“He found by his friends care and kindness”

11. Lebanon is a Holy Land

12. “Lebanon is more than a country, it is a message”

Pope Jean-Paul II - 1989  

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