The construction projects that were carried out during the mandate of Archbishop

 Georges KWAITER


Construction of new churches:

  1. Anan
  2. Our Lady of Mantara  Basilique
  3. Hasrout
  4. Aytouli
  5. Sarjbel
  6. Salhieh
  7. Abra
  8. Ain El Mir
  9. Kefraya
 10. Majdelyoun
 11. Mrah El Hbas
 12. Wadi Bnehlay

New churches under construction:

 1. El Jmeiliyeh
 2. El Hlaliyeh
 3. Wadi El Zayneh
Restoration of damaged churches:

1. El Barouk 21. El Mohtokra
2. Barti 22. Maaser El Chouf
3. Botme 23. Maghdoucheh
4. Jezzine 24. Miyeh w Miyeh
5. Jarjouh 25. Nabatiye
6. Jensnaya 26. Wadi El Leymoun
7. Joun 27. El Wardaniyeh
8. El Hassanieh
9. Ammatour
10. Ainbal
11. Ain El Delb
12. Ain Zhalta
13. Gharifeh
14. El Krayyeh
15. Karkha
16. Kfarhouna
17. Kfarfalous
18. Kfarkatra
19. El Mharbieh
20. El Mokhtara

Construction of new pastoral halls:

1. Anan            18. Ain Zhalta
2. Bnaafoul      19. Ain El Mir
3. Jezzine             20. Karkha
4. El Jmeiliyeh    21.Kfarhouna
5. Jensnaya        22. Kfarfalous
6. Joun               23.Kfarkatra
7. El Hassanieh    24. Kefraya
8. Hasrout         25.Majdelyoun
9. DeirElKamar  26.ElMharbieh
10.Roum        27. El Mohtokra
11.Sarjbel     28. Mrah El Hbas
12.Salhieh   29.Maaser Chouf 2
13.Saida       30. Maghdoucheh
14.Abra       31.Miyeh w Miyeh
15.Ammatour     32. Nabatiyeh
16.Ainbal       33.Wadi Bnehlay
17.AinElDelb  34Wadi Leymon

Pastoral halls under construction:

1.DeirElKamar  3.Kfarnabrakh
2. Kfarkatra      4. El Mohtokra

Restoration of pastoral halls:

  1. Barti
  2. Botme
  3. El Krayyeh
  4. Kaitouli

Restoration of the priestís residence:

  1. El Barouk
  2. Botme
  3. Barti
  4. El Mokhtara
  5. Maaser Chouf
  6. Maghdoucheh
  7. Miyeh w Miyeh


  1. Sarjbel (parking)
  2. Kefraya (new playground  for children)
  3. Majdelyoun (parking)





The beginning of works:


    With the help of friends from the west, works of the basilica were therefore launched.

    The casting of the first stone of the Basilica took place on July 20th ,2001. Excavations ended on August and construction operations started on October 29th, 2001.

    Numerous inhabitants of many villages came to attend this grandiose ceremony animated by the Chorus of Maghdouche, the Chorus of Saint Savoir and the spectacle of children miming the construction of the new Basilica.


A call to help in the construction of the Basilica:

    Works of the Basilica of Our Lady of Mantara began in October 2001. These construction works have already reached an advanced stage due to the support of faithful friends in the country and in the west. Till now, we have collected the sum of  $ 350.000 which is an encouraging sum.

Unfortunately, it is not enough to end this shell.

    That is why, we turn to you. By supporting this project, you will allow pilgrims from all over the world to be received at a beautiful Church in a Marian Sanctuary where they are numerous to gather under the fervor of the prayer.


Cost of the first stage of works in US$:

Price of concrete:      1800* $85


Price of framework:    800tones * $265


Excavation and foundations




Total in US$